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Natural stone pavers can spruce up your backyard – even on a budget

Many people itch for an outdoor design project, but don’t want to spend too much money. By simply installing travertine pavers and a few other accents, you can enhance the look of your backyard while staying within budget. Below are a few small-scale projects that can revitalize your outdoor space.

Make a cozy nook out of travertine
You don’t need to have a gigantic patio for it to be impressive. Instead, you might make a more intimate nook out of natural stone pavers.

Houzz showcases a patio complete with an overhang to provide some protection from the elements. The spread is complete with colorful cushioned seating surrounding a vintage looking coffee table. The travertine is a brownish-red blend that further enhances the intimacy of the small patio.

Rather than constructing a roof to cover your patio, you might simply line the perimeter of yours with a small wall of travertine to close it in snuggly.

In addition, why not use landscaping to tighten up the space even more? Line the edge of your miniature patio with tall hedges to make your new lounging area private.

Create a small walkway with the pavers 
You may want to make a path to connect your patio with the yard. This won’t require a complicated installation process, but it will make a huge difference in helping your backyard look finished.

You don’t have to get complicated with these pavers. Just lay down same-sized pieces in neat lines to make a distinct pathway. Lucky for you, travertine installation is pretty straightforward. You won’t even have to pay the extra money for a professional to put the pieces in place: By simply following DIY guidelines, you can get the job done on your own.

Incorporate travertine into your landscape
Another small but effective use of travertine is in garden design. One option is to make a miniature courtyard among your beds of flowers and exotic plants.

HGTV showcases a cactus garden where the designer made a chess board out of large square travertine pieces against lines of grass diamonds. By juxtaposing the natural, lightly hued stone with the vibrant green of the grass, the spread creates an eye-catching contrast.

This kind of design doesn’t require too many materials, but it will give anyone visiting your backyard something to talk about.

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