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Styles of patio design that are perfect for travertine pavers

When it comes to planning enjoyable spring and summer events at your home, the one element you need to get the party going is a beautiful outdoor patio. Whether you’re hosting a neighborhood barbecue or throwing a birthday party for your kids, this backyard staple will allow you to make the most of the warm weather and fresh air.

If you’re looking to take your patio beyond the basics of home design, you might want to invest in the strength and appeal of travertine pavers. These stunning stones are versatile enough to be used in a variety of design styles while also being able to withstand weathering over the years.

Here are three sources of design inspiration that will work perfectly with travertine installation in your backyard.

Rustic Italian

Regardless of whether you come from a large Italian family or you’re simply an admirer of Mediterranean architecture, travertine pavers are ideal for creating a rustic Italy-inspired aesthetic for your patio. Consider selecting warm hues like light brown or tan for the stones to reflect the styles of Tuscany and the northern peninsula.

Italian design also favors traditional wooden elements, so you can enhance your patio’s appearance with vintage outdoor furnishings. Backyard chairs and tables with decorative grains and signs light of wear and tear can provide an appeal that looks like they have been passed down over many generations.

With some authentic Italian cuisine and a fine bottle of wine, you’ll feel like you’re relaxing along the shores of the Mediterranean.

Southwestern fusion

The American Southwest is a melting pot of cultural influences, with architecture inspired by American settlers, Native Americans and Spanish colonialism from Mexico. Considering the bright, warm colors used to match the vividness of this region’s desert landscape, travertine installation is a great fit for Southwestern design.

On top of your travertine pavers, try purchasing furnishings and lighting fixtures that feature dark wrought iron accents for a distinctly Spanish appeal. You may also want to use multicolored, hand-woven outdoor rugs to add interest to the space.

To round out the Southwestern design, potted cacti and agave plants are a nice finishing touch.

Nautical appeal

If you’ve always been partial to the sandy beaches and rolling waves of the coastline, then you might want to think about incorporating a nautical theme into your backyard patio. With your travertine pavers as a base material, you can add all sorts of aquatic accents and decorations – from lobster traps to buoys, oars and seashells – to reflect the charm of seaside life.

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