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Use travertine pavers for pool coping

Believe it or not, summer is not too far away. An afternoon poolside may sound like a dream now, but in just a few months’ time, it’ll be a beautiful reality.

If your pool area was looking a bit shabby last year, it could be time to revamp it with travertine pavers. These pavers are perfect for pool coping, the process by which the pool shell wall is capped. This, in essence, makes the edge around your pool.

There are a number of material options when it comes to coping. Pool-owners can choose from concrete, tile, or natural stone, all of which will have a different aesthetic effect.

Concrete and honed tile create a clean and contemporary look. For many, especially those with more modern homes, this may be preferred.

Natural stone pavers, on the other hand, provide a worn-in kind of warmth to your pool area. If you’re into a softer, more antique appearance, this is the ideal option.

The same travertine pavers used for coping can be used for pool stair treads, as well. Pick your pavers in a variety of colors, from ivory to gold to other lovely blends.

As the edge of the pool above water, pool coping is often what most draws the eye. For this reason, it isn’t something to be overlooked in pool design.

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