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Why travertine pavers are perfect for your pool area

There are a number of perks to having your own backyard pool. It can act as the perfect space for throwing a party, or just chilling out on a hot summer’s day. But perhaps the biggest benefit is the ability to make your little oasis look however you want, whether it’s modern, chic and simple or rustic, earthy and cozy. Whatever your preference, travertine pavers can help you achieve the style you desire.

Natural stone pavers are ideal for your pool patio
Cement surfaces have a tendency to absorb heat from the sun, leading pool-goers to have to hop quickly from the water to the lawn, which isn’t just annoying, it’s a safety hazard. Moreover, while they tend to be slip resistant, cement surfaces aren’t exactly soothing on the skin. They can be uncomfortable under the feet and even lead to scrapes if someone slips or falls.

The perfect solution to this is natural stone pavers. First, and most importantly, this material is slip resistant. In addition to its overall matte feel, it has cavities that add more than a rustic appearance, as they’ll also offer you a little extra protection when wet.

Travertine is also heat- and freeze-resistant. This means that it won’t burn your feet when the sun is blazing, and won’t warp or crack when the winter winds start blowing in – a definite plus when making a major investment such as a pool.

Accent your travertine pool with other natural additions, a design and architecture website, showcases a selection of nature-themed swimming facilities. One of these designs uses stonework in multiple ways around the pool. Leading down to the water, large gray slabs of stone function as both steps and seating arrangements. The pool coping, also made of natural stone, is completely underwater. Different sized pebbles fill in the space between the green grass and this lake-like swimming area.

With travertine pavers, you can similarly add natural accents to make your pool blend seamlessly with nature. Consider making steps with large pieces of the stone, or coping your pool with the pavers. For a lagoon-like feel, you may even implement a spa spillover through the coping. With this, warm water from your adjacent hot-tub cascades into the rest of your pool, the sight and sound of which is reminiscent of a natural waterfall.

Still missing something? Change out your plastic patio furniture for wooden pieces. Try lining the sides of your patio with long beach grass, or invest in a stone fire pit. With nature-based decor and travertine pavers, your pool will look like it simply rose from the earth.

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