DIY, Travertine Tile

How to make coasters from leftover travertine tiles

After you’ve finished up a DIY travertine installation project in your home, you may have several travertine tiles left over. While it’s a good idea to save a few in case something happens to one of the tiles in your new design, the rest can be used for another purpose: coasters!

If you’re tired of damaging your wood tables with rings and stains, travertine tile coasters are just the things to save your furniture from your sweaty glasses. Luckily, they’re fun and easy to make! Here are a few projects to consider.

Stenciled tiles

The Thrifty and Chic blog has a great idea for creating decorative coasters with travertine tiles, metallic paint and stencils. Head to your local craft store to pick up a stencil or two that fit your decor, then choose a metallic paint – any type will do.

You may also want to pick up a sealer at your local hardware store and some felt to glue on the back of the tiles to prevent them from marking up your tables.

Now just use the stencil and paint to create a design on the tiles. Let it dry, then use sealer if you want to protect your handiwork.

Photo collage tiles

For a personalized touch, the Cheap Crafty Mama blog suggests adding photo collages to your travertine tile coasters. You can do this by printing out pictures at home onto tissue paper that’s taped to regular card stock.

Once you have a few pictures printed and cut out on the tissue paper, use Mod Podge or a similar product to adhere the tissue paper to the tile. When it’s dry, paint on two more coats to seal the deal.

When the final coats of Mod Podge have dried, use a sealer from the hardware store to protect your images. Attaching felt to the back of the tiles is also smart.

Stamped tiles

Finally, The Cabby Crafter blog recommends stamping your travertine tiles with words or pictures. Pick up a few different rubber stamps from the craft store, then get a solvent ink pad. The source recommends using StazOn solvent ink, which works well with the surface of the travertine.

Now just press the stamps into the ink and stamp away onto the tile! You don’t have to seal this project if you don’t want to, but it’s a good idea to add felt or even cork to the backs of the tiles for insurance.

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