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Designing a tasteful home office

An office’s design has an effect on both mood and productivity. If you work from home, you have the advantage of being able to design your own space. From floor to ceiling, make it your ultimate environment to get work done.

Picking the room
First thing is choosing the right place to make your office. The key here is getting enough natural light. Windows are great for this, but they can often lead to absentmindedness. If your work space permits it, consider a skylight – sunshine flows in, but you won’t find yourself indulging in outside distraction.

A home office allows you to escape from sterile overhead lighting and brutal fluorescent fixtures. In terms of artificial light, you can go for the softer incandescent option, but make sure whatever you choose has enough wattage to keep you stimulated.

Once you have the space itself figured out, you can detail in on its components.

Tiles make your space distinct
A tile floor helps clean up the look of a room. Exchange that faded carpet for travertine tiles. This stonework, similar to limestone, will last for years.  Also, travertine installation is a swift process.

There are several choices for indoor tiling. Try brushed and chiseled tiles or those that are honed and filled – these options will all give you the polished look of a professional work environment.

If you like the tiles enough, there’s no reason why they need to be limited to the floor. Line a wall with travertine tile and give your room an added natural touch.

Juxtaposing a tile wall with those that are painted adds a real interest to the room. Whether you match lighter travertine with white paint or darker tiles with dense red or green, a nice effect emerges by combining these mediums.

Remember, color does contribute to a person’s mood. Choose based on your personal preference. If you’re looking to be energized, go for warm, reddish hues. If you want a cool, collected feel, paler shades may be your best pick.

Make the place your own
As it is your office, you don’t have to hold back from inserting your flair. At the same time, resist surrounding yourself with too much. A couple pictures on the walls or a plant in the corner are enough to add interest but not copious distraction.

As your own designer, choose what won’t merely make do, but what will contribute to your office. Take liberties to give your workplace distinction, ultimately providing you with a place that you enjoy working in.

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