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With updated decor, weekly entertainment can transform your restaurant’s appeal

The restaurant industry can be a grueling, competitive place to earn a living. Not only do you have to manage an eclectic group of hosts, servers, kitchen staff and bartenders, but you also need to compete with numerous other establishments in your area.

Even if you have a delicious menu and choice location, you may need to offer a little something extra to entice new guests. One great way to transform your restaurant into a thriving hotspot is through update decor.

Even if your current interior design is far from shabby, investing in travertine tiles and a new decorative theme can do wonders to attract patrons. But once these new customers make it through the door, you need to keep them coming back on a regular basis.

Hosting special nights of entertainment can give your restaurant a reputation for providing fun times. Here are three regular events to consider for your establishment.

Trivia night
People are always looking for ways to enhance their evenings of good food and drinks, so consider making trivia night a weekly feature of your restaurant. There are sure to be plenty of would-be smarty-pants lining up at your bar to test their knowledge of music, sports, politics, movies, television and literature.

As an added incentive, consider offering prizes to the individuals or teams who win trivia each week. Whether you offer a big prize for first place or a series of gift certificates to those who take first, second and third, these rewards are sure to have people coming back week after week.

Live music
There are few people out there who don’t enjoy good music accompanying their night out at a local eatery. If you’re looking to push your tune selection beyond the limits of your jukebox, hiring local bands and performers to play in your establishment is sure to draw a crowd.

Whether you’re looking for cover bands who can put a live spin on some of the biggest contemporary hits of the day or a local group trying to make a name for themselves, musical performances are a great way to boost your business’ visibility.

Karaoke night
If there’s one thing that karaoke nights have proven, it’s that people love the opportunity to go on stage and embarrass themselves while singing their favorite songs. Picking up a karaoke machine can offer you another source of live entertainment when you don’t have local bands or musicians available to play.

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