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Inviting and guest-friendly upgrades you should consider in your kitchen

While areas like the living room, bedroom and recreation room no doubt play important parts, the true heart of any home is undoubtedly the kitchen. Not only is this culinary space where you prepare and share meals with your family members, but it also tends to be the place guests congregate during parties and holiday events.

If you’ve been looking for effective ways of improving the look and feel of your kitchen, you might want to think about upgrades that will make it more accessible. With the right attention to detail, you’ll design a space that instantly welcomes guests into your humble abode while also remaining functional for family uses.

Here are some home decor tips and tricks to keep in mind for bringing new life to your kitchen.

Make entertainment a focus

Considering that guests often make their way toward the kitchen during a party or small social gathering, it helps to have the capability to provide some light entertainment in this space.

While you don’t need to set up an enormous HDTV or home theater in your kitchen, you may want to include a small radio or speaker system that will allow you to play music. This is sure to please your guests while also offering you great tunes to cook to on your own time.

Create a breakfast nook

A great way to accommodate a few good friends or family members in your kitchen is by creating a welcoming breakfast nook. This divided area will provide a comfortable and semi-private space to chat over tea or coffee without monopolizing the rest of the kitchen.

Building off of your travertine tile, consider using a pair of cushioned benches to frame this sitting area. When arranged around a low wooden table, this collection of furniture will be set aside from the main eating area for a cozy effect.

Design a central island

Taking the same idea of a breakfast nook and tweaking a few of the details, a central kitchen island is another popular feature for entertaining guests in the kitchen. Instead of sitting down on benches, you and your visitors can stand or rest on tall stools while gathering around this waist-high surface.

A kitchen island is also a great place to store various snacks and ingredients commonly used when hosting guests, such as a bowl of fruit, sugar for coffee or a cookie jar. Consider picking a surface material that matches your travertine installation for the best decorative effect.

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