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Three reasons travertine tiles are great for restaurant kitchens

Whether you’re an experienced restaurateur or a rookie chef looking to begin a passion project, opening a new dining establishment requires a lot of work. Between securing a location, hiring a staff, creating a menu, decorating the restaurant and building buzz about the opening, there are numerous areas that require your attention.

If you’re looking for a material that will lend style and strength to your kitchen, consider the appeal of beautiful and durable travertine tiles. Here are three reasons these stones are great for your restaurant’s flooring.

They are heat-resistant
If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, as the old saying goes. While this primarily refers to people who can’t handle the pressure of working in a frantic restaurant, the same rule can apply to your flooring material as well.

The average kitchen is chock-full of appliances that can crank up the temperatures in a restaurant, especially during meal times. Luckily, the stone tiles used in travertine installation are great for withstanding extreme heat without you having to worry about warping, scorching or fire damage.

The durability of travertine tiles is also helpful when chefs and line cooks are running around with scalding pans and plates that could easily damage weaker flooring materials if dropped.

They can resist water damage and spills
For all the flames and hot burners used by kitchen staff, they also work with a lot of liquids. This can be a problem for floors using hard or engineered wood planks, as multiple spills or bursts of steam could lead to damage over time.

Just like in a home bathroom, the buildup of moisture from hot steam can cause the wood to gradually distort and twist. Because of this, it’s better to employ materials like travertine tiles that can easily resist water damage over the course of many years.

They work with a variety of restaurant themes
Open kitchen designs are becoming quite popular in modern restaurants, as they allow guests to enjoy the show while the culinary staff prepares their delicious meals. However, this visibility also means that you need to have a stylish kitchen that fits with the overall theme of your establishment.

Travertine installation is attractive and versatile enough to work with a variety of design schemes, from Southwestern Tex-Mex to a chic Italian bistro. Whatever your style, you can rely on these simple yet beautiful stones to get the job done.

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