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Transforming your cluttered basement into a spacious bedroom

Whether you have an elderly relative moving into your home, a college graduate returning from school or siblings who finally want their own space, finding a place to design an extra bedroom can certainly be a challenge. If you don’t have a spare area in the main part of the house available, how about transforming your basement into one?

While it might present more of a challenge than redesigning an office or playroom, basement bedrooms can still be comfortable, attractive and spacious with the right planning. Here are some home design tips to help get your basement project off on the right foot.

Install travertine tiles

Once you’ve cleared away all the boxes of hand-me-down clothes and holiday decorations from you cellar, the first thing you will want to focus on is the floor. While cold, gray concrete is far from an inviting flooring option, you can easily transform the ground with beautiful and versatile travertine tiles.

Consider the walls and ceilings

If the travertine installation is all set, the next step in converting this storage space into a cozy bedroom is to focus on the walls and ceilings. Since many basements have exposed wires, pipes, ventilation, wood beams and even insulation, easy-to-install wall and ceiling panels can quickly cover these decorative blemishes.

Focus on warm lighting

Considering that your basement is located beneath the earth, attention to natural illumination and interior lighting fixtures is key. To let in plenty of sunlight, try to expand the size of any windows or doorways in the basement or create new ones altogether.

For nighttime, you’ll need to purchase lighting fixtures that provide warm, comfortable illumination. In addition to a few floor and table lamps, consider hiring a professional to install ceiling lights that offer even visibility.

Don’t forget the decorative accents

Last but not least, you’ll want to purchase plenty of fabric accents to soften the aesthetic in the basement and make it seem like a livable space. Finding colorful, translucent window dressings will add a blast of excitement to the bedroom without cutting off the flow of natural sunlight.

As for your travertine tiles, consider implementing a large area rug with engaging patterns. Not only will this add visual appeal, but it will provide a warm, soft surface to talk on.

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