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Enhance outdoor dining with travertine

Now that winter’s behind you, you can update your outdoor eating area. Whether on a patio, a terrace or screened-in porch, a fresh look to the space will impress your guests.

Consider covering the floor of the area with travertine tile or pavers. Pavers offer a true weather-proof option, therefore they may be best for your outdoor eating place.

Choose from tumbled pavers to get a more worn-in, antique look, or else go for chiseled pavers to obtain a cleaner appearance.

If you have a screened-in area or a patio surface with an overhang above it, there is the option of using travertine tiles. Those tiles that are brushed with chiseled edges work best for the outdoors, as long as the area is covered.

You’ll next want to find a table-and-chair set to go with the tiles. If you chose brownish or reddish stone for your patio floor, try a wooden table. If you decided on white or gray travertine, black cast-iron furniture works well.

Add a few finishing touches to the eating area. White string lights and Tiki torches make the space playful. If you’re looking for a more traditional look, outdoor lanterns are tasteful lighting choices. Landscape the area to enhance it even more.

With a few simple changes, including travertine installation, you’ll transform your outdoor dining this summer.

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