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3 ways you can create a warm, coastal kitchen theme

With spring finally here and the warm days of summer on the horizon, you may be looking for ways to boost the overall appeal of your home with seasonal decor. If you’re considering doing a major overhaul of your interior space, consider starting with your kitchen. With a few summery touches, you can effectively transform the aesthetic in this room into one worthy of a coastal beach house.

Travertine installation is a warm and welcoming upgrade that can lend a sense of natural and traditional appeal to kitchens, bathrooms and backyard patios. These travertine tiles are particularly good for echoing the light brown, tan and beige tones of a sandy beach, which you can then combine with other seaside elements.

Here are three other areas that can help bring a coastal aesthetic to your home kitchen.

Awning windows
One of the best ways to create a warm, beach-themed kitchen is by allowing plenty of natural sunlight to shine through your awning windows. Not only can this keep the temperature at a comfortable level in your home, but it can also help brighten the room and make it feel more open.

You may also want to feel refreshing breezes pass through your kitchen while you’re lounging with a cup of coffee or preparing a meal. Luckily, awning windows are a great way to let in fresh air and sunshine. Even better, these unique windows can be open even during rain storms, as the awning design blocks precipitation from coming into your home.

Coastal elements
Travertine stones are a great way to bring a natural aesthetic into your beachy kitchen, but you shouldn’t stop there. Wooden tables and chairs that appear worn and weathered can add to the seaside aspect of the room, as can wicker furnishings.

Sand is obviously a big part of coastal design, so consider filling some mason jars with white or tan varieties and mixing in seashells for unique decoration. Driftwood can also be great for countertop or cabinet decor. You can also consider travertine installation for kitchen counters as well if you want to unify the room’s aesthetic.

Shore decorations
In addition to natural elements, there are many vintage or antique decorations you can draw from the beach to enhance the theme in your kitchen. Between buoys, lobster traps, oars, life preservers, anchors and thick spools of rope, there are numerous ways you can bring nautical inspiration to your home design project.

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