Design Ideas, Travertine Pavers

Get ready for barbeque season

When spring rolls into summer, barbeque season hits in full force. Before you whip out your spatula and start marinating those steak tips, make a few changes to get ready for your first event.

Set up your patio
After sweeping your patio of winter debris, you may notice that it’s a little lacking in luster. This season may be the one to update the surface.

Consider travertine pavers to step your outdoor design up a notch. These pieces of stone are available either tumbled or non-tumbled.

Tumbled pavers give your surface a rustic edge. For those seeking a more antique, worn-in look to their space, natural stone pavers are the perfect pick.

If you have a more contemporary home, perhaps consider the non-tumbled, honed pavers. Often used for driveways and walkways, this stonework has a smoothness that works well with modern spaces.

Additionally, the honed quality of non-tumbled pavers prevents liquid from absorbing into the stone. Spills are a concern when having a barbeque, so this may be a considerable advantage.

Do It Yourself travertine installation is relatively easy, too, so you’ll have no problem getting the work done before your first event.

Get the necessary equipment
Once you have your surface ready, you’ll want to implement some decent barbeque amenities.

First and foremost, invest in a proper grill.

If you enjoy an element of smoke in your food, go for a charcoal grill. These are available in a number of styles, but do involve a certain amount of work to tend.

Gas grills are a little bit simpler to operate, and you’re likely to find one in a relatively large size. For those looking to entertain big crowds, this may be the best option.

Provide enough furniture
Make sure your guests are comfortable at your barbeque. These gatherings often involve individuals mingling while on their feet, but more likely than not, people will want to sit down with their plates.

If you only have a small table, consider getting a couple extras. Depending on your guest count, perhaps invest in a longer, banquet-style table as well.

You’ll want to match the tables and chairs with the travertine. Wood goes well with lighter hues of the stone, while black or silver metal is a nice accompaniment to darker surfacing.

With a renovated space, including grilling equipment and seating, you’ll have the basics for a fantastic first barbeque this year.

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