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Three uses of travertine pavers in your backyard

While many people spend most of their energy redesigning and redecorating the interiors of their homes, it’s also important to keep up with your humble abode’s external appearances. After all, once the warm temperatures and sunny days of spring and summer arrive, you’ll want an attractive and comfortable yard to barbecue, relax in the shade and host seasonal parties.

No two backyards are the same, which means that you’ll likely be considering a variety of different outdoor projects before you find one that matches your needs and tastes. Luckily, travertine pavers are perfect for dressing up numerous exterior areas.

Here are three potential uses of travertine installation to breathe new life into your home’s backyard.

Backyard patio

Perhaps the most popular and basic addition to a home’s exterior is a patio. Usually located at the back of the house, this outdoor area essentially functions as an extension of the creature comforts found inside your home.

Travertine pavers can provide a sturdy, attractive surface to set up a grill station for summer barbecues or lounge area for relaxing in the shade or sun. This will give you a great place to catch up with close friends, hold outdoor family meals or simply read a good book while soaking up some rays.


While many homes feature a patio or deck area, a gazebo takes this concept one step further. Instead of being situated close to the home, these beautiful structures are usually set back in the yard as a way to add interest to the landscape.

The gazebo itself may be made out of wood, but installing these stones at the base can be a creative way to enhance the gazebo’s aesthetic.

This simple wooden structure is perfect for retreating out of the hot sun and enjoying some shade. You can also decorate this area for seasonal parties, using it as an area for dancing, playing music or even hosting a live band!

Pool area

Another great place for travertine installation is around your in ground swimming pool. For starters, these stone tiles provide a warm, attractive surface for you and your guests to dry off after a dip in the pool. You can also rest assured that no amount of water – either from the pool or the elements – will leave your travertine patio looking dingy or dull.

Whether you’re just relaxing by yourself by the water or hosting a neighborhood pool party, a travertine pool area is a must-have.

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