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Three design elements every travertine paver restaurant patio should have

As the owner of a restaurant, sandwich shop or corner cafe, one of your primary duties is to ensure that customers enjoy their experience at your establishment. While the appeal of your menu and the professionalism of your staff members are sure to play large parts in your business’ success, you should pay equal attention to the aesthetic design of your eatery.

One great way to transform your humble restaurant into a happening neighborhood institution is by providing guests with an outdoor dining option. As the temperatures begin to warm up during the spring and summer, many people are looking for places where they can relax in the fresh air and sunshine while enjoying a coffee or sandwich.

Travertine pavers are great materials to use for creating a front or back patio. Here are five other design elements to keep in mind to create a wonderful outdoor experience for your patrons.

1. Room to breathe
One of the biggest mistakes restaurants make when creating outdoor patios is not leaving enough room for guests to dine comfortably. While it’s alright to place tables and chairs a little closer than you would indoors to work with limited room, it’s important that diners have a sense of privacy and personal space.

Additionally, you need to leave room  for waiters and bussers to navigate in between tables without bumping into everyone around them. Try to arrange your furniture so that there’s a clear pathway leading from the patio to the front door of the restaurant for improved traffic flow.

2. Versatile shade
Some outdoor diners like to bask in the sun. Other patrons may be hoping to escape the glaring light beneath a shady awning.

Still more guests may enjoy sitting under the sun until it’s shining directly in their eyes. Because of these conflicting scenarios, it’s important to offer versatile shaded options to patio guests.

Making sure each table has a workable umbrella is a great place to start, as is installing a retractable awning over the entire travertine installation. You may want to locate the patio near a few shady trees as well.

3. Natural decor
Whether your restaurant is located in the heart of the city or on a suburban street, outdoor diners are sure to enjoy natural decor on your patio. Purchasing flower boxes filled with roses, daffodils, tulips, orchids and other flora will add soothing aromas and a splash of color to your outdoor area.

In addition, you might want to include a few large potted plants to frame the corners and entrance to your patio.

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