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How to add interest to your patio using travertine pavers

If you’re looking to spice up your backyard patio and transform it into a major focal point in your yard, travertine natural stone pavers can easily enhance this outdoor area. With a few simple tips and tricks when it comes to patterns and unique accents, your stone-laden space will grab the attention of friends and neighbors alike.

Lay travertine pavers down in eye-catching patterns
Travertine pavers look amazing no matter what, but by taking the time to lay them down in a distinctive pattern, you’ll really transform your patio into something else.

Design website Houzz recently showcased a patio that combined large square pavers – all the same size – on top of a solid base of compacted pebbles. The dark gray of the pavers contrasted with the light blend of the base’s tiny stones, instantly drawing the eye.

Another way to make your patio less predictable is by using different sized pavers. Choose one blend of the stonework and lay down small, medium and large squares and rectangles, making a jigsaw puzzle pattern with the pieces.

Want to boost the contrast on your patio surface? Choose two colors, such as pearl white and gold. Lay the pearl pavers down in the center of your spread and make a golden border. Or, think about some other funky design combining the different hues. However you spin it, two colors will give the space automatic interest.

Find accents that add distinction
If your patio still seems to be missing something once you’ve put the pavers down, don’t worry – there are plenty of ways to further enhance this outdoor design.

Better Homes and Gardens magazine tossed out a few ideas. For example, try adding a water garden to your patio. It doesn’t have to be too big, but as long as this installment has a re-circulating pump, the bubbling water in the corner of your patio will delight your senses.

The source also suggests putting a small outdoor carpet over a patio surface. Choose a rug that complements the travertine blend you’ve chosen. You’ll be surprised how many weather-resistant rugs are on the market.

Finally, you might want to build a fire pit for your backyard. You can do this with any extra travertine pavers you might have from your travertine installation project. The pit will add warmth and ambiance to your patio once the sun goes down.

Bottom line? Think outside of the box. Find contrasting colors and implement items you don’t see on every back patio. Get in touch with your creative side and your patio will be one-of-a-kind.

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