Design Ideas, Travertine Pavers

How to combine travertine pavers with your landscape

Are you itching to enhance your backyard’s design? One way to do this is by blending natural mediums: travertine pavers alongside the greenery of your property. You can implement this combination in a few different locations – here are a few examples to get your creative juices flowing.

Make your pool patio lagoon like
If your swimming area just consists of a water-filled hole in a cement surface, it might be time to kick things up a few notches by implementing natural stone pavers. Instead of a drab deck reminiscent of a community pool’s, a patio made from travertine pavers will class up your private swimming facilities. To further enhance the aesthetic quality of these stone pieces, bring landscaping touches into the patio area as well.

Houzz has a few ideas for how to make a tropical lagoon out of your pool deck. If your climate permits, get some palm trees in there – otherwise, plant beach grass along the edge of the water. To further the lagoon theme, you may want to consider installing a waterfall or a travertine spa spillover. With trees or grass bending around the swimming area, you’ll have your own private oasis.

Create a walkway around your yard
Does your property boast groves of beautiful trees or pockets of flowering shrubbery? To access these delightful areas easily, you might want to consider installing a pathway winding through them. Use rustic, tumbled travertine pavers to line this path. A brown blend will complement the greenery around it, enhancing the impressive landscape even more.

Better Homes and Gardens has also featured paths made out of natural red stones. This color creates a contrast to the green grass on either side of it, but it can blend with the red, orange and yellow leaves of a property’s trees in autumn.

Set up a garden courtyard
Even if your landscaping is already exquisite, adding travertine to the mix may further elevate it. Travertine pavers can be used in a number of ways in a garden. For example, you can stack the pavers to create walls, enclosing the space. Also, like in other areas of your yard, you can create pathways out of the stone, leading you from one section of the garden to another.

Along with these, treat yourself to a miniature courtyard made out of travertine. The surface doesn’t have to be large, but it will provide a perfect sitting place for you to escape to and enjoy your garden. Choose a blend that complements the colors of your plants. Lay the pieces down in a simple pattern, invest in a bench or two and you’ll have a secluded getaway right in your backyard.

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