Design Ideas, Travertine Pavers

How to decide on the perfect travertine paver

If you know you want to use natural stone pavers in your backyard but you aren’t totally sure which ones will look best, consider these tips.

Decide on tumbled vs. honed pavers
What is the overall look of your house? If you’re into antique, vintage style, go with a tumbled travertine paver. With their roughened edges, these pieces offer a worn-in look to a space.

Whether you’re revamping your pool deck or dining patio, you can use tumbled pavers. By choosing a red, brown or gold blend, you can give your home’s outdoor design a few degrees of warmth. With a few large potted plants and antique-style lanterns, these travertine pavers will make your home look delightfully vintage.

Additionally, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, tumbled finishes look the most natural. If your home sports a sleek, modern style, you might choose a honed paver.

A gold, silver or ivory honed travertine paver is a great pick if your home rocks new age design. Often used for driveways because of their smooth surfaces, these pieces can be used just as effectively on a patio space, especially if it has some sort of overhang to protect the stones.

Make travertine a part of your minimalist layout. Throw some chrome-painted furniture right over the stonework and your outdoor space will be a modern marvel.

Choose a pattern
There are endless patterns to choose from when installing travertine pavers. Instead of the typical rows of identically-sized pavers, the Chronicle suggests using a French pattern to lay down the pieces.419

This classic travertine design incorporates four different tiles, decreasing in size as the pattern continues, covering a square area, then repeating itself. By incorporating this technique whatever surface you line with travertine will take on distinction.

Decide on a color
Every travertine paver blend has a natural aesthetic quality. Nonetheless, based on the look you’re trying to accomplish with your patio space, you may want to be conscious of your color choice.

Houzz shows that next to a pool, a white or ivory travertine blend can make a patio glow. If you want to brighten things up, these sorts of hues will do so decadently.

However, if you want to tone down an area, you may go with a darker, deeper color, such as a red or brown blend. For a cozy outdoor dining nook, this color paver will add instant warmth.

With these decision points in mind, you can choose the perfect travertine paver to enhance your home’s outdoor style.

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