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Ways to enhance the appeal of your travertine hotel pool area

When people decide to pack their bags and hit the open road for a vacation, they are often looking for specific qualities and amenities in their travel destination. Families who are interested in visiting the mountains often enjoy places where there is plenty of great skiing and cozy wooden cabins, while those headed to tropical resorts expect sandy beaches and blue ocean waters.

These expectations also extend to the hotel where travelers plan to stay. In particular, most people on vacation prefer a hotel with a beautiful swimming pool to help them relax and have fun.

However, beyond a basic hole in the ground filled with water, there are a number of other poolside accommodations that guests enjoy. Here are a few ways to enhance the appeal of your travertine paver pool patio area.

Poolside bar
There’s nothing quite like enjoying a refreshing cocktail or cold beer by the side of the pool, so why would you make your guests head down to the lobby to have a drink? Situating a hotel bar right next to the swimming area will allow vacationers to choose from a variety of specialty beverages without straying too far from their deck lounge chair.

If you want to take your cocktail experience to the next level, you may even want to consider designing an aquatic bar within the pool itself. This way guests can float right over to a submerged stool and order their drink without ever getting out of the water.

Hot tub
After spending a sunny afternoon tanning on the hotel travertine tile pool patio, many guests may be interested in taking a nice dip in the hot tub. Because of this, you might want to think about combining this spa favorite with your pool area.

Whether you decide to install the hot tub in a separate area of the patio or directly connect it with the main swimming pool, this is a great way to treat guests who are looking to unwind in between sightseeing opportunities. Vacationers in both hot and cool climates are sure to appreciate this hotel amenity.

Children’s area
While families in your hotel are likely to enjoy playing with their children by the pool, other couples and older patrons may be looking for a separate swimming area away from the little ones. This will allow adults to enjoy some peace and quiet by their section of the pool while children run and play in their own area.

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