Design Ideas, Travertine Pavers

Simple, do-it-yourself ways to make over your patio

It’s not too late for you to spruce up your patio so you can enjoy some time outside with friends and family while this beautiful weather lasts. If your backyard patio design could use some updating, consider replacing your current patio pavers with travertine pavers. This natural stone is the perfect choice for an outdoor oasis, and the best part is that do-it-yourself travertine installation can be so simple that it may leave you itching to do more DIY projects around your patio.

Paint your cushions
If your patio furniture has been looking a little drab lately but you don’t have the cash for a new set, Babble recommended that you paint your patio cushions. Fabric paint comes in every color under the sun, and you can show off your creative side by painting interesting shapes and patterns. Unsure what to paint? Consider getting stencils of flowers or butterflies from your local craft store, which go perfectly with your patio’s summer vibe.

Add a bar
If you entertain often, you should consider adding a bar to your patio. If you’re handy, you can build one yourself, or you can simply purchase a free-standing bar and place it outside.

Build a fire pit
Better Homes and Gardens magazine explained that there’s nothing nicer than sitting around a fire on a summer or autumn night. This is why you should build a fire pit. The news source said that you can easily build one yourself with anything from flagstone slabs to small boulders. However, you may want to consider checking with the local fire codes before you begin this project, since there may be specific rules about what sort of materials you can use and where the fire pit can be located.

Create a daybed
Babble explained that the patio should be a place where you can curl up with a good book in the summer, and a daybed can provide the perfect place to do that. You can make your own daybed if you have a twin mattress lying around in the basement that could be covered with new fabric and placed on old wood pallets and casters.

Decorate with flowers
Flowers are a great addition to any patio. You should try planting some in your yard that go around your patio to highlight it, and you can also add some flower boxes on the patio itself to give it a little more flair.

Make some birdfeeders
If you have small children in your home, then you should all make birdfeeders together to invite some nature to your patio. You can make these out of milk cartons, soda bottles or even old floppy disks, according to Earth 911. You can attract different birds to these feeders depending on what types of food you put in them. For instance, fruit will bring about robins and waxwings, while safflower may bring grosbeaks, chickadees and doves to your feeders, and you’ll have beautiful birds come right up to your patio.

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