Travertine Installation, Travertine Pavers

Transform your Wood Deck to a Travertine Deck with Silca System

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Travertine Mart now offers Silca Systems’ subfloor grates to convert your wood deck into a beautiful Travertine deck.  The durable Silca Grate grids are designed to withstand freezing temperature and the harsh effects of the sun.  Unlike deck boards which are known to warp, crack, distort, split, fade, and promote mold/mildew, natural stone pavers are easily maintained and durable.  Silca System enables you to install these heavy-duty pavers on your deck, eliminating the need for the time-consuming labor and expense of sealing and staining a wooden deck. Silca System is an American-made, UV stable, earth-friendly product.

Silca System can be used for ground applications, porches, bridges, pool decks, rooftop decks, and more.

-Quick and Easy to Install

-1.5” thick engineered polymer

-Low cost, low maintenance

-Easily cut to form using a circular saw, table saw, or sawzall.

-360 degrees of solid support with its honeycomb shape

-Earth Friendly: Uses recycled materials and components

-Made in the USA

Purchase the Silca Grates for your project here: Silca Grate



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