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4 great uses for travertine in your backyard pool area

As the temperature gradually rises over the coming months, there’s a good chance you will be getting your home ready for spring and summer fun. In between your spring cleaning and landscaping projects, you may want to consider taking a second look at your backyard pool.

Not only is a swimming pool a great place to take a refreshing dip on a hot day, but it’s a space where you can gather with family and close friends to enjoy the beautiful seasonal weather. As a social hangout, you may want to invest in several pool patio upgrades, which can bring added warmth and coziness to the design.

Travertine pavers and travertine pool coping are perfect for enhancing the aesthetic and functional appeal of your pool area. Here are four ways you can successfully upgrade your swimming pool with professional travertine installation.

Pool patio
The obvious place to start with a pool renovation project is with the patio itself. Travertine pool coping can lend natural stone hues like light brown, beige, cream and tan to the immediate area, bringing class and sophistication to your backyard.

Additionally, travertine is a strong and hardy material that can resist heat from the sun, water damage from the pool and remain intact despite years of weathering from Mother Nature.

Backyard walkways
A great way to unify the exterior design elements in your backyard is through paved walkways. Travertine installation in these stone paths can both physically and decoratively link areas like your back porch, pool patio, driveway and garage.

Patio stairs
If your in-ground swimming pool is located on a slight hill or incline in your yard, using travertine stair treads can provide a stunning focal point that also serves as the entrance to your patio.

You can truly impress guests with this stairway by adding wrought-iron railings, ground-level pathway lighting and an attractive metal gate in addition to your travertine stairs.

Pool bar
When the sun is shining and the pool water is the perfect temperature, providing refreshing beverages for your swimming guests can be a great way to add to the experience. You can do this in even greater style by designing a poolside bar area on the patio using travertine tiles.

This open air bar can be covered with an awning or wooden roof to provide shade for guests, while travertine installation provides a sturdy and beautiful stone bar for your friends and family to gather around to escape the heat.

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