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Why travertine pool coping is perfect for summer fun

As the cold days of winter make way for the first spring thaws, many homeowners are likely excited to emerge from their houses to enjoy the beautiful seasonal weather. In particular, they may be looking forward to a spring and summer filled with backyard barbecues, pool parties and plenty of lounging in the sun.

If you’re getting ready to invite friends, family and neighbors over to use your pool, you might want to consider upgrading the exterior decor in the area. Travertine pool coping is a great way to improve the aesthetic of your pool patio while also protecting its structural integrity. Here are three reasons why travertine installation is perfect for your summer fun.

Travertine stands up against water
Considering that you’ll be working with an area that is bound to see plenty of moisture, you’ll need a product that can hold its appeal in the face of splashes and waves from the pool. After all, even wooden pool decks tend to deteriorate over the years with repeated water exposure.

Luckily, travertine pool coping is just the material to resist potential damage from moisture and wetness. Not only will these stones not fall victim to warping or rot as wood does, but they can maintain their unique colors and patterns in the elements as well.

Winter weather considerations
While you’re probably thinking of the benefits travertine installation poses in the summer months, it’s important to find a material that can handle the winter weather, too. Between the harsh winds, frigid temperatures, icy mornings and mountains of snow that can accumulate while your pool is hibernating, the last thing you want to discover come spring is massive amount of weather damage.

Travertine pool coping will ensure that your pool area looks great no matter what time of year. These durable stones are able to survive freezing and thawing numerous times without any signs of cracks, chips or dents. Should there be a sudden heat wave to break a cold front, they can withstand the extreme temperature shift as well.

Pool chemicals
Most pools contain some sort of chemical substance to purify the water for swimming. Whether your pool uses chlorine, bromine or even salt water, your travertine installation is safe from chemical damage.

To ensure the quality of your stones, just be sure to request professionals to coat the surface with a special sealant to ward off these substances. This will preserve the unique colors, patterns and textures of your patio.

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