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Travertine pool coping is perfect for hotel pools

As the remnants of the winter season begin to subside, and warmer weather draws ever closer, many people around the country will begin planning vacations to exciting destinations around the country. For hotel owners and operators, this is the perfect time to shore up seasonal upgrades to their establishments to prepare for the waves of summer travelers.

It doesn’t matter if your hotel is located in the heart of a big city or on a tropical coastline, one thing that’s bound to impress guests is a beautiful pool area. Whether you’re installing a brand new swimming hole or are looking to improve an existing one, travertine pool coping is a must.

Travertine installation will bring the beauty and strength of natural stone tiles to your hotel, which are perfect for both indoor and outdoor pools. Here are three reasons you can depend on travertine pool coping to improve your hotel’s aesthetic appeal.

Authentic appeal
Atmosphere is an important part of establishing your business as one of the premier resorts in town. Luckily, the warmth and attractiveness of travertine tiles and pavers are sure to bring an authentic and natural edge to your pool patio area.

These materials are particularly appropriate if you’re going for a rustic or old-world theme in your hotel, such as a Tuscan or Spanish villa. Seeing as travertine tiles typically come from these Mediterranean areas of the world, this is great for lending a traditional European appeal to your pool.

Water resistance
When you’re picking out a new material for your pool area, it’s vital that you find a product that can stand up against gallons of treated water soaking through its surface on a regular basis. After all, you don’t want to find out a couple of weeks after installation that your new patio is crumbling.

Travertine pool coping covered with a water-repellent sealant can resist pools treated with salt, chlorine and bromine equally. This will keep moisture from soaking into the center of the stones and compromising their structure.

Durable design
Beyond the potential damage that pool water can cause, outdoor pool patios can be subject to harsh weather conditions throughout the year. Whether it’s an icy frost in the winter or blazing hot temperatures in the summer, travertine installation is guaranteed to stand up to the greatest elemental punishment.

Even better, during the summer months, travertine pool coping remains cool underfoot. This means your hotel guests won’t have to worry about burning their feet while relaxing on the patio.

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