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How to create a nature-inspired bathroom

Are you a lover of the outdoors? If it’s time to redo your bathroom, you may consider doing so with a nature-inspired theme. With the right flooring, accessories and layout, you can morph the room into your own little oasis.

A new floor transforms a space
Though installing a new floor takes preparation, doing so can instantly revitalize a bathroom’s appearance.

There are several flooring options that can easily complement a natural theme. For instance, if you want to add create a really truly organic aesthetic, travertine tile is a perfect choice. You might try embracing a dark red or brown blend of the stonework. Anyone stepping into the room will instantly note the depth and natural beauty of the surface.

If you really love the effect this natural medium look has on the room, Houzz recommends concentrating on the bathroom’s backsplash and wall tiles to really drive the earthy subtleties home.

Small square tiles on the floor and large-cut versions on the walls unify the surfaces of the bathroom. Travertine tiles are not only pleasing to the eye, but they’re also wear-proof. The floor will last a lifetime and you won’t have to worry about ever needing to touch up the walls with paint.

Choosing nature-themed fixtures and accessories
Once the surfaces of the bathroom are ready, you can get to the fun stuff. Better Homes and Gardens explains that from the countertops to the rug next to the bathtub, nature-themed choices can be incorporated everywhere into the room.

Wood is a natural medium that complements stonework beautifully. A dark cherry bathroom vanity with a travertine top blends these mediums together in one piece. You’ll likely want to be consistent with whichever wood you choose and match everything from the edges of the bathroom’s mirrors to the wall-shelving to it.

The news source also suggests exposing any painted beams you may have in your bathroom to showcase the natural wood underneath.

Once you have your fixtures ready, you may want to add some decor to the room. A couple of small potted plants scattered about may enliven the area. A wall screen created from bamboo adds subtle panache. You might even find that an animal-print rug used for when you step out of the shower adds a certain je-ne-sais-quois to the area.

Keep it simple
Whichever design implements you choose, try to avoid getting too elaborate. Limiting the number of hangings on the bathroom wall and odds and ends lining the counter space will create a clean, open feel to the room.

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