Design Ideas, Travertine Tile

Everything you need to improve the design of your laundry room

While some homes have washers and dryers crammed into odd corners of the basement or kitchen, having an entire room dedicated to your laundry needs is an enviable luxury. Not only does this allow you to keep your dirty clothes and cleaning supplies separate from everything else, but it also gives you plenty of space to work with while you’re folding, separating and ironing items.

However, you may find the bare-bones design of your laundry room calls for something of a decorative upgrade. After all, it’s always nice to surround yourself with nice colors and patterns while you’re working away.

Here are some home design tips to keep in mind when it comes to improving the aesthetic of your laundry room.

Create a practical workstation

Much of a laundry room’s decor should also be practical in nature so you have a space that is both attractive and efficient. If you have an entire family’s worth of clothes to sort through on a weekly basis, consider creating a separate workstation using a table or counter.

This surface will provide the perfect area for you to sort color items from whites, fold clothes neatly and apply treatment for those stains that are tough to get out. You can also install some cabinets or shelves overhead in this area to contain the cleaning products and tools you need.

Keep water-resistance in mind

Just like any room that comes equipped with plumbing, it’s a good idea to focus on water-resistant materials. This is particularly necessary for the floor, as wooden boards or carpeting can easily be ruined by moisture and water stains.

For a product that is sure to remain beautiful and durable in the face of spills, consider travertine tiles in your laundry room. Not only will these stones hold up against liquids without losing their appeal, but you can select an array of colors and textures to enhance your decorative scheme.

Buy new appliances

You can make a major decorative impact in this space by simply replacing your tired, old washing machine and dryer with state of the art models. Placing these new items over your travertine installation will provide a much-needed design boost in the form of sleek, high-tech appliances.

As a practical advantage of buying a new washer and dryer, you can also find products that are both energy and water efficient. This will reduce the overall carbon footprint that your home creates, saving the environment as well as the money in your bank account.

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