Design Ideas, Travertine Tile

Update your office lobby

The main lobby of an office building is the gateway to a workplace. Make it an inviting one with basic design changes.

Go for basics
Several offices on a number of floors have this one common area for those stepping into the building. Because of this, when redesigning the space, it might be a good idea to keep things simple. You want to appease a large group of people, so avoid taking overly dramatic measures.

A minimalist approach is a tasteful way to make a lobby inviting but not overwhelming.

Travertine creates a polished look
Class things up with a travertine tile floor. The tile, a cousin of the limestone family, provides a natural yet upscale look to an interior.

This is the area of an office building that should not only make employees happy to walk into work, but should also impress visitors.

Travertine tiles, available in a number of styles and hues, do just that. As their heeled shoes click against the stonework, people entering the workplace will really feel like they are entering a professional environment.

Lighten things up
You also want to provide plenty of light to this part of the building. If you haven’t already, consider upping the number of windows. The more natural light that can stream in, the better.

One way to do this is to make the the front wall of the lobby, including the doors, totally glass. This will not only brighten the entire space, but it will also make the place seem inviting. It shows to everyone, including passersby on the street, the openness of your workplace.

Make the lobby a positive space
Make the reception desk a place that people feel comfortable approaching, especially if they are new to the office.

Consider matching the desk to the floor. Perhaps tile the front of desk with travertine. As the stone is often used for countertops, you can even use it to surface the piece.

Though you are taking the minimalist approach, don’t make the lobby totally void of decoration. Modern artwork on a couple of the walls complements an open space well.

If you want to go along with the au naturale feel of travertine, add some plant life to the place. You’ll find that a few simple additions will really enhance the atmosphere.

If there is an area in the office building to go the extra mile in design-wise, it’s the lobby. This is where people get their first impressions of your workplace: Impress them with a bright and upscale look.

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