Design Ideas, Travertine Tile

Redesigning your waiting room

If you run a medical practice, why not make your patients happy with a well-laid out waiting area? By implementing certain interior design changes and adding specific amenities to the room, you’ll provide a comfortable and attractive atmosphere for your clients.

Consider a tiled floor
A good place to start when it comes to your redesigning efforts is with the floor. Give your reception room a high-class look with travertine tile. This stonework is naturally beautiful and will truly attract attention.

Honed and filled travertine tiles, as well as brushed pieces with chiseled edges, work best for the indoors. Whichever style you choose, the tiles will give your office a polished look that will impress anyone entering it.

Travertine installation is straightforward and relatively easy and will do wonders for your office’s appearance.

Give your space plenty of light
If any of your patients are nervous about a doctor’s visit, you’ll want to make the waiting area as relaxing an atmosphere as possible. Nothing instills positivity better than the right lighting.

Try to bring as much natural light into the room as possible. The more windows, the better. However, artificial lighting can be just as effective in getting people in the right mood.

Try to avoid high-wattage overhead lighting and go for something a little dimmer. Incandescent rather than florescent fixtures will make patients feel more at home.

Finding the right furniture
In order to make your patients comfortable, you’ll also want to choose the right furniture for the area.

Try mixing chairs with sofas for a balanced aesthetic in your waiting room. Make sure the seating has plenty of padding and let your patients sink right into the pieces. Small comforts are essential in this room, so don’t hesitate to purchase the sort of seating that you’d envision in your own living room.

Place tables among the chairs with a variety of reading materials on them. Remember that your clients have different interests: Let your magazines span from current events to lifestyle to news from your own industry.

Remember the little things
There are other simple ways to make this room a nice place for waiting. Consider hanging some landscape prints on the walls. Avoid elevator-type music, but play something quiet and tasteful in the room, like classical or blues.

By following these simple steps, you’re guaranteed to instill an atmosphere in your reception room that’s both pleasing to the eye and mind.

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