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How to make an old bathroom seem new

Are you tired of the aged look of your home’s bathroom? If this space hasn’t been updated in awhile but you don’t necessarily want to gut it out entirely, you may be able to revamp what you already have with certain design tactics.

Refurbishing your bathroom’s surfaces
Instead of completely ripping your floor out, you may be able to place new tiles right over the old ones.

The Washington Post recently explained how to redo a bathroom floor without starting from scratch. In older houses, tiles are often installed in a mortar bed. Taking these pieces out may be more trouble than it’s worth. Luckily, all you have to do is scuff up the former stonework, put another layer of mortar down and install new tiles.

If you’re having trouble deciding what kind flooring to use, you might want to consider travertine tile. For houses that were built awhile back, these tiles can provide an almost vintage look with their natural, earthy hues. Travertine installation is pretty easy, too – you might not even need to hire a professional to get the stonework properly in place.

Elevating bathroom decor
Once the floor is all set, try making other small changes to revitalize the bathroom.

Design Style Guide notes a few simple additions that will enhance the area. If your bathroom door is scuffed up from years of use, you may want to invest in another one. A new wood door may be just the thing to freshen the room’s look, from the moment someone walks in.

The source also notes that changing a room’s wall design can do volumes for your revamping efforts. Due to the moisture that often fills a bathroom from taking a shower or bath, it’s important to make sure that the wall can withstand such elements. For this reason, wall tiles can be ideal.

To match the flooring, you could add smaller travertine tiles to the wall.The source explains that it’s important to balance wall tiles with painted wall space as well so that the pieces don’t completely take over the room. If you’ve chosen a light brown or red travertine, you may want to go with a white or neutral shade of paint.

Following these steps, as well as adding a few additional accents such as a new mirror or lighting fixture, can make any dated facility seem new.

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