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How to use the best fall has to offer in your home decor

When the summer gives way to fall and the weather becomes cold and gray, the best way to beat the coming winter blues is to add some color and life into your home. For example, if your kitchen has been feeling a little lifeless lately, you may want to change up your flooring by installing travertine tiles. This natural stone can take a cold, sterile space and give it a whole new look, which is why you should make travertine tile part of your next decorating project. You should also look for ways to take some of the better parts of fall and incorporate them into your home decor.

For example, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel spoke to design experts who said that many people feel inspired to decorate during the fall because they want to make the most out of the end of summer.

“I think there are two main reasons we get inspired to celebrate the season,” Heidi Hornung, manager of Shady Lane Greenhouses in Wisconsin, told the news source. “First is the fact that the floral season is coming to an end, and we want to get the most out of the time that remains. Second, we see all of the magazines on newsstands with lovely pictures in pretty fall colors and we think, ‘I’d like that for my house.'”

Inspirational fall tips
According to the news source, you should consider picking a theme that could give you continuity in your fall decor. Some examples given were a sunflower, berry or pumpkin theme for the season. While you can take these ideas literally and deck your home out in fake – or real – pumpkins, berries and sunflowers, you could also just stick to the colors of these natural items. Bold yellows, oranges and browns are staples of fall decor, and you should feature these colors prominently.

Furthermore, the information provider added that sometimes people get too hung up on thinking about how to decorate for Halloween. They forget that Halloween decorations only last until Nov. 1, while they can keep Thanksgiving decorations around until well past Christmas. Rather than hang up images of witches and black cats, you should focus on creating a long-term decorating pattern for the season involving gourds, corn husks and other things that make people think of fall.

House Beautiful magazine stated that during the fall, the days get shorter, and you’ll want to make sure your home has adequate lighting for this time of year. Consider purchasing more small lamps to place around your living room and bedroom. The magazine also recommended using neutral colors in fall. This is another reason why you should install travertine tiles during this season, since they come in beautiful neutral colors that are sure to complement any design scheme you choose.

Finally, just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you can’t have any greenery in your home decor. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel pointed out that mums are gorgeous, and you can buy them now and they’ll last for weeks.

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