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5 home decor trends in 2013 that can incorporate travertine tile

If you’re looking to update your home with the year’s hottest trends, it’s not too late to do so! Just because several months have already passed doesn’t mean you can’t still refresh your decor with the colors, styles and materials that make 2013 so unique.

And, if you love travertine tile, you’re in luck, because several of this year’s best trends revolve around looks that go great with the natural stone. Here are a few to consider.

1. Raw style

According to Good Housekeeping magazine, raw style is taking over this year when it comes to interior design. The look involves natural, exposed elements like wood and stone that create a rustic effect – especially in the kitchen. With travertine tiles, you’ll be able to bring the natural patterns of the outdoors into your house. Just be sure to take careful consideration during your travertine installation project to ensure that each tile complements the ones next to it.

2. Modern materials that look vintage

House Beautiful magazine pointed out that one of 2013’s biggest design aspects is the use of modern materials that look like they came from a bygone era. What better material to embody this idea than travertine tile?

With beauty, durability and an easy-to-clean surface, travertine is an ideal choice for modern homes, but it’s a classic material that looks like it came right out of ancient Greece!

3. Neutral rooms with colorful accents

The best way to decorate a trendy home is to stick with neutral basics and add fun, bright accent colors, according to That means you should paint your walls a light shade like beige, gray or white and use natural stone tiles for the floors in rooms like the kitchen and bathroom. Then, use shades like yellow, cobalt blue and emerald green to add flair.

4. Warm metallics

Brass, gold and bronze are taking over in 2013, putting silver, chrome and stainless steel finishes in the background, noted Good Housekeeping. As a result, homeowners are opting for warm tones throughout the rest of their decor, like yellow, orange or brown shades of tile, carpet and paint.

5. Bold wallpaper

Embellished walls are big this year, and elaborate wallpaper makes them easy to achieve. But when you’ve got busy walls, you’ll need something a bit more tempered to balance the boldness – like the elegance of travertine tile.

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