Design Ideas, Travertine Tile

Improve your office bathroom and kitchen with travertine tile

There are a few spots in an office that may be overlooked when doing renovations. Making changes to the bathroom and kitchen will help boost the feel of the workplace.

Redo the washroom
One area to work on is the bathroom. In an office building, this is a space that doesn't need to be elaborate. Keeping your facilities up-to-date, however, is not a bad thing. 

Employees will appreciate a fresh-looking bathroom, as will anyone visiting the office. You don't want to turn someone off by dingy lavatories, whether it's a client or prospective employee, so lighten things up with a few tweaks.

Travertine tiles can help substantially improve the look of a bathroom. This one adjustment can elevate the entire feel of the facility.

Medium-sized tiles are a good pick for the bathroom. Honed and filled tiles will give the space a polished quality.

Choose a light stone hue to go with white-painted stalls. Don't hesitate to touch up or alter this paint in the renovation process. Colors that go well with tile are warmer shades and neutral tones. A soft pink or a light beige with the travertine will look lovely. 

Additionally, make the lighting less overbearing than that in the rest of the office. You may need the high-intensity florescent fixtures in the working area, but you can tone things down a bit in bathroom. 

Make changes in the kitchen
Another part of your office that may need some sprucing up is the kitchen. Like the bathroom, the kitchen is a spot that employees consistently move in and out of throughout the day.

If you already updated your kitchen appliances, but still feel like the area's a bit shabby, consider making some bigger changes. 

Exchanging the linoleum floor of your kitchenette with travertine tile will improve its look dramatically. 

Brushed and chiseled travertine tiles are great for indoor floors, though any travertine tile will heighten the feel of the kitchen. 

Because they are usually small areas, office kitchens are great spots to do tile installation. You don't have to uproot the whole office floor, but at least one corner of the place will have some distinction. 

If you really want to elevate your kitchenette, don't feel like the floor is the only place for tile. Update the counter space with travertine stone, or else line the wall behind it with the tiles.

The bathroom and kitchen may not be at the top of your interior design priority list when updating a workplace. However, you may be surprised by how enhancing these areas improves the office's overall atmosphere.

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