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Spice up fall’s soothing tones with emerald green

Not everyone enjoys having bold colors in his or her home. While painting your wall neon green or having electric blue patio stones may feel fun for a few days, it may become difficult to live with these bright colors on a daily basis. This is why it’s often a good idea to go for stone pavers or decorative travertine tiles when decorating your home, since this beautiful stone comes in neutral colors that you’ll never tire of.

Recently, The Globe Gazette published an article explaining that soothing tones are very popular this fall, because people are looking for a color palette that’s easy to live with yet still beautiful. The news source spoke to Susan Rogens, owner of Sue Casa in Iowa, who explained that she’s been seeing a lot of people going for browns and grays again because it’s a soothing look that allows them to place a pop of color in their decor, rather than getting overwhelmed with powerful hues. The Globe Gazette also spoke to Linda Forthmann, owner of the Floor to Ceiling store, also located in Iowa, who added that she has also been seeing a lot of gray in home decor this season.

“People are using a lot of gray and mixing it with the earth tones, which is a nice change,” Forthmann told the news source. “I think you can use it in any room.”

Decorating with gray

While gray may not seem like the most exciting decorating choice, it can be if used correctly. For example, Better Homes and Gardens magazine recommended that if you have art you wish to display, you should consider having walls that are practically white, but with a touch of gray. The news source explained that the gray background gently blends in with art in a way that a bolder hue may not be able to.

Furthermore, you can also look into gray-blue colors, which are a good alternative to dark, dramatic navy blue or bright, light sky blue. These colors look particularly great in a bedroom.

A touch of green

If you use soothing gray colors and travertine tiles throughout your home, then you’ll be free to add touches of this season’s hottest color anywhere you want without it looking overwhelming. According to The Globe Gazette, the trendiest color this fall is emerald green. You may want to consider looking for accessories in this color that can complement the neutral tones in your home. For example, an emerald green vase or lamp can give a room just the right pop of color it needs to stand out.

House Beautiful magazine recommended that you consider using emerald green in the kitchen. This is an energizing color, so it may be better in a room where you do active things such as cooking, rather than in your bedroom or living room, which should only feature relaxing colors that help you unwind. This is why you should consider looking for emerald green kitchen appliances.

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