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Tips for designing the perfect bathroom for your kids

If you have the means to give your children their own bathroom, it’s definitely a worthy undertaking. Not only will you clear up your own bathroom space and keep it free of toothpaste spatters on the mirror and bath toys in the tub, but your kids will have their very own room to get ready in.

A children’s bathroom is also a fun decorating project, since you can go wild and incorporate your kids’ favorite colors or cartoon characters. Here are a few tips for designing the ideal bathroom for your little ones.

Choose durable materials
Kids are notorious for being a bit rough with their belongings and spaces, which means you need to use materials in the bathroom that can stand up to a little wear and tear. Travertine tiles for the floors, countertops and shower would be perfect, as the natural stone tiles can stand up to the test of time. With yearly sealing and weekly cleaning, you’ll have no trouble keeping the travertine tile in your kids’ bathroom looking gorgeous.

Other durable materials to consider include sturdy shower curtains and no-frills fixtures.

Feel free to get creative
A children’s bathroom should be a fun space, especially if you’re trying to get your kids a little more into the idea of bath time. Don’t hesitate to use bold colors and patterns throughout the bathroom to make it fun and cheerful. Primary colors are particularly good for kids, and they’re easy to mix and match. Plus, you won’t have trouble finding solid-color accessories like toothbrush holders, cups and towels.

If your kids have favorite characters or love certain themes, you should incorporate these into the design scheme as well. For example, little girls might love a princess-themed bathroom that makes them feel glamorous, or boys might like seeing their favorite cartoon characters on the walls and accessories.

Don’t forget about safety
Of course, safety should always be a priority when you’re dealing with a space meant for children. TLC recommended picking up a sturdy step stool for younger kids who can’t yet reach the sink, as well as grab bars in the shower or bathtub and non-slip mats.

To prevent your children from burning themselves, you may want to consider purchasing antiscald devices to prevent your kids from accidentally making their bath or shower water too hot.

Make cleanup easier with storage options
To make sure your children’s bathroom doesn’t turn into a disaster zone, it’s important to set the space up with plenty of storage options so everything has its own place. If kids know exactly where their toiletries, towels, dirty clothes and other belongings go, they’ll be more likely to put them there and reduce clutter in the bathroom.

A roomy vanity is one option, and you should also look into floating wall shelves in areas that may otherwise go unused, like the wall behind the toilet or next to the sink.

With travertine tiles, bright colors, safety features and plenty of storage solutions, your kids will be much more eager to brush their teeth at night and get ready in the morning!

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