Design Ideas, Travertine Pavers

Natural stone pavers can enhance your backyard garden

Have you been dreaming of creating a garden in your backyard? Now may be the time to whip out your trowel, put on your boots and make it happen.

A garden can be a backyard oasis. With careful design choices, you might be able to create a perfect getaway through it.

Complementing the landscape with stone
One feature that might give shape to your garden is stonework. Try blocking out sections of your outdoor space with stone or brick walls. Additionally, you can create pathways that wind through varying flower beds.

If you’re unsure of what to line these paths with, consider natural stone pavers. There are several options when it comes to these pieces, but tumbled travertine pavers may be just right for a garden. The vintage aesthetic of these stones will naturally complement the surrounding landscape.

Freshome, a design website, notes that you can also create a stone or brick courtyard within your garden. To do this, expand the travertine from your walkways out into a large open space. Scatter a few chairs and a table in this area and you’ll soon have a perfect spot to read a book or enjoy afternoon tea.

Finding decor for a garden
First and foremost, you’ll likely want to concentrate on the plant life of your garden. Try to create variety in what you plant. Instead of sticking to small flowers and shrubbery, you might want to consider interspersing small trees within the landscape as well.

You may also want to look into making use of exotic flowers for added interest. Plant some of these in large, earthenware pots in addition to the flower beds and watch how they instantly transforms the space.

Beside the greenery, there are other ways to decorate your garden. Homes and Property, a real estate guide, suggests creating a lush atmosphere in the same vein as the antiquated style of Pompeii. Historically, these gardens were designed not only as refuges from the daily grind, but also as places to entertain. Garden designers installed bubbling fountains around the space and often even painted frescoes on the garden walls.

Still missing something? To further accent your garden area, you might let vines grow over a wall or trellis. You’ll likely be able to find a charming bird bath to place in the area as well. If you want to make a larger investment, you might even consider putting a small pond underneath one of your garden’s flowering trees.

By following these outdoor design tips, you’ll likely be able to turn your garden into a miniature Eden.

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