Design Ideas, Travertine Pavers

Set up a trick-or-treat station on your front porch this Halloween

While there's nothing more fun than handing out candy to costumed children on Halloween, the constant ringing of the doorbell or knocking on the door can be disruptive if you're attempting to watch TV or read. Instead of trying to multitask this Halloween night, why not dedicate yourself to giving your neighborhood children a real treat? Set up a trick-or-treat station on your front porch's or walkway's travertine pavers. Here's how.

Go all-out with decorations
While your natural stone pavers are wonderful pieces of outdoor decor in themselves, you'll need something a little spookier to spruce up your home's entryway on Halloween. Get creative and deck the whole front of your house and yard with scary details like hanging ghosts, gravestones, bats, spiders and spiderwebs, skeletons and anything else that looks like it would belong in a haunted house. It might even be fun to use a fog machine and a couple of strobe lights for a perfectly over-the-top effect.

Get a good variety of candy
Kids all have different tastes, so it's a good idea to cater to many of them by offering several types of candy. Some kids are more fond of chewy, fruity candies like taffy, Skittles and Sour Patch Kids, while others love nothing more than a chocolate bar – but not everyone likes nuts. Stock up on a few different fun-sized bags and let kids have their pick. If you use separate bowls for different types of candy and give them the option, it'll make your doorstep less crowded.

Get into the spirit yourself
You'll have a better time and impress the kids more if you dress up for Halloween yourself instead of letting the kids have all the fun. Whether you want to go with something that'll be scary or choose something a little sweeter in case there are really little ones coming to your travertine stoop, try as hard as you can to look authentic. Parents will appreciate the extra steps you took to make their kids have a great night.

Make sure your path is well-lit
To ensure that kids and parents can safely make it up to your trick-or-treat station, set up lights along your travertine path. You could do this with jack-o'-lanterns, paper bags or empty milk jugs with cut-out faces and tea lights or with the lights you might already have installed along the way.

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