Design Ideas, Travertine Pavers

Tips for making a beautiful path outside of your home

Have you been walking around the outside of your house lately and feeling as though something's missing? If so, you may want to look into getting some travertine pavers to create a beautiful walkway in your front or backyard. These artistic pavers look great in any yard, and could be just the thing the outside of your home needs to create a complete and cohesive look. There are many different ways to create paths leading to your home using natural stone pavers – all you have to do is find the one that's best for your area. 

Keep it simple
If you have a modern home, then Better Homes and Gardens magazine recommended that you have a simple path with just gravel and pavers in your backyard – no bright and busy flowers. If you want to have some vegetation, the news source suggested planting Japanese maples along the path. Once they're fully grown, they'll create a lovely canopy over the path. 

Put moss between the pavers
HGTV offered this fun idea for a great path in your front or backyard – grow Irish moss between natural stone pavers to create a unique look. 

Create a path that leads to something
While the path in your front yard should obviously lead to your front door, you should consider making a path in your backyard that also leads to something. For example, if you have a particularly beautiful rose bush in your backyard, or if you have a hammock or chairs in your yard that guests can sit in, you should have a path lead there. 

Use contrasting pavers
If you want your path to really stand out, consider getting travertine pavers in different neutral shades to create a pattern. This will help draw people's eyes to the path. 

Make a path to protect your garden
If you have a garden in your front or backyard, you're probably always worried about people walking through it and accidentally ruining all your hard work. You can use a path to keep people walking where you want them to, rather than wandering through your garden. Make the path curve around your flower or vegetable patch so people can admire it without getting too close. 

Have a raised path
The natural stone pavers you use to create your path don't have to be firmly planted into the ground. Instead, have them slightly raised to create a more dramatic look. 

Add some gravel
DIY Network recommended that you create a traditional gravel path, but add stone pavers on top of the gravel to give it a little more elegance. 

Place a bench along the path
If you have a long path in your backyard, you may want to place a stone bench on the side of it, somewhere in the middle. This will give you and your guests somewhere to sit and admire the natural beauty of your garden, while adding to the character of your path. 

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