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3 elements of Tuscan design to add to your kitchen

If you’ve ever traveled to the Italian region of Tuscany, you know how gorgeous the landscape, architecture and decor are throughout the countryside. Even if you’ve never left the U.S., chances are you’ve seen movies or pictures of the area that have inspired you to transform your own home.

One room that could benefit greatly from Tuscan design is the kitchen, especially if you love Italian cuisine! If this sounds like a project you’d like to take on, consider adding these three elements of Tuscan design.

1. Travertine tile

Warm, earthy natural stone is a staple in Tuscan design, as it reflects the sunny atmosphere of the region. Travertine tiles in gold, walnut or autumn blend have delicate patterns and warm tones that will brighten any cheerful kitchen.

Whether you want travertine floors, countertops, backsplashes or all three, there’s no denying the appeal that natural travertine tiles have – especially when it comes to texture. With a variety of finishes to choose from, you should have no trouble finding an interesting texture to fit in with the sun-baked, natural vibe of Tuscan design.

2. Wrought iron

Wrought iron accessories are characteristic of Italy’s central region, and it’s easy to implement them into a kitchen design, according to HGTV. From light fixtures, to kitchen supplies, to wall hangings, this ornate dark metal captures to rustic elements of the style.

3. Antique rugs

Elegant antique (or antique-looking) rugs are staples in Tuscan homes, and while your kitchen floor may be made with travertine tile, you’ll want to cover up the most traffic-ridden areas in order to protect the stone.

Consider placing a slightly worn rug in front of the sink, door and hall area to prevent scratches in your tile from foot traffic. Colors like red, yellow and orange should be featured prominently in the textiles for a truly Tuscan effect.

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