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3 places to put travertine tiles when renovating your home

Do you want to revitalize your home, but you aren’t sure what approach to take? By implementing travertine tiles throughout your residence, you can unify the rooms with fantastic style. Here are three places in particular that could benefit from this material.

1. The bathroom
Class up your facilities with travertine tile – black and white shiny tiles may be traditional in the bathroom, but why not break from this standard by using natural stonework? Travertine tiles are available in a range of blends, so you can choose anything from an ivory hue to a brownish-red color depending on the tone you want to set in the bathroom.

Design sites like Houzz showcase plenty of lavatories implementing travertine because the stonework complements any wooden fixtures in the room, from the bathroom vanity to its medicine cabinet. And, if you like the way these pieces look on the floor, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t apply the tiles to the wall as well. Use smaller sized cuts of the stone to cover about half of the vertical surface, leaving the remainder of the wall painted.

2. The kitchen
Are your kitchen counters looking a bit dull? With travertine tiles, you can rescue the space from looking even slightly mediocre. Tiling a counter instead of laying down a slab of stone can give your kitchen distinction. Consider going with a warm red blend to make this dining area extra cozy.

Once you have these pieces in place, take another look at your kitchen. If you still want more of this gorgeous stonework, try switching out that linoleum floor for a surface of travertine tiles. Using these pieces on the floor gives the kitchen instant elegance, and it’s also durable: The tiles will stay intact and look brand new for years to come.

3. The basement
Don’t overlook the lower levels when revamping your house with travertine! Whether you’re finishing your basement for the first time or you simply want to cover that old cement floor with something more refined, travertine is a solid choice. Plus, cement flooring is a perfect foundation for laying down travertine.

When installing the tiles, either lay them in classic lines using tiles that are all the same size or get more elaborate with different sized tiles laid out in intricate designs. However you spin it, these tiles will elevate the space with their natural good looks and smooth feel.

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