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How to design a girl’s bathroom

Do you need a few design ideas for a girl’s bathroom? Whether you’re longing to turn your young daughter’s facilities into something special or you’re looking to make your own lavatory a little more girly, there are a handful of ways to play up a feminine look.

Tiles can be a great medium
You have a few options in terms of the bathroom’s floor. Instead of a linoleum surface, you might want to try something a little more durable in case of a broken perfume bottle or nail polish spill. Tiles can last a lifetime and also add a certain panache to a space with their polished surfaces.

Floor tiles are available in countless styles and hues. If you’re planning on using flashy colors in the rest of the space, the floor may be a good place to neutralize things a bit. For a girl’s room, you might consider going with a travertine tile, which can easily be found in a natural ivory hue.

Tiles can also be used on the walls of the bathroom. In fact, Houzz recently showcased a girl’s bathroom with tiny bright pink tiles on one of the walls. A segment of this tile was multi-colored and iridescent, offering the space the perfect amount of feminine extravagance.

Using paint to color the space
You might want to whip out a paintbrush for the remaining walls to make the space ring with girl power. Bright colors work to really energize an area, so consider painting the walls in a solid shade of pink, purple or orange.

The design website Shelterness shows how you can get elaborate with the brush, painting large purple polka dots or spring flowers on white walls. Multi-colored stripes also add to a girl’s bathroom with their bright, fun aesthetic.

Decorating the bathroom
Every girl loves to accessorize. Once you have the space itself ready with tile
and paint, it’s time to go shopping. Give your bathroom the right finishing touch with some eye-catching odds-and-ends.

Stumped? Well, any girl will feel like royalty if her shower curtain has a princess crown on it. You may even keep small vases of flowers on the bathroom vanity.

For contrast, you might put a vibrantly colored shower mat over natural toned travertine tiles. Perhaps consider soft pink lighting to illuminate the space. With these little additions, you or your child’s powder room will have fun, feminine style.

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