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5 ways to create a more spa-like master bathroom

There’s nothing like a lackluster bathroom to put a damper on your mood – nothing’s fun about taking a shower and getting ready for the day in a space that doesn’t feel soothing, relaxing and luxurious. If you’re no longer satisfied with the way your master bathroom looks and are interested in updating it, creating a spa-like atmosphere with travertine tile and a few other touches can help.

Spas are notorious for being calm, tranquil locations where you can unwind and clear your head. Why wouldn’t you want to get the same effect every time you use your master bathroom? Here are five ways to transform your washroom into a luxury spa-like space.

1. Embark on a DIY travertine installation project
If your old bathroom tiles are looking dingy, it’s definitely time to make the switch to travertine tiles. This natural stone is perfect for bathrooms because it’s very durable, and the smooth texture and gorgeous shades will help create the spa look you’re going for.

Take your time choosing the travertine tile you want to use. You may want to pick a warm color like walnut if you like a more rustic effect, but ivory travertine would also look excellent in a clean, uncluttered space. Be sure to lay the tiles out before you install them to choose the best placement that will complement the natural lines and patterns in the stone.

2. Reevaluate the lighting situation
Spas have plenty of bright light, but they also offer relaxing benefits with dimmer illumination. Sheer curtains can help you take advantage of natural light from outside, while bright lights around your vanity can help with things like brushing your teeth or applying makeup.

Install dimmer switches for times when you want your bathroom to be a little moodier, like when you’re taking a bath. Candles can also help set up a soothing vibe.

3. Get a few new towels
Nothing says luxury like a soft, fluffy white towel waiting for you after a warm shower or bath. Pick up a few high-quality towels to treat yourself to, then find elegant ways to display them, like rolled up in a basket or neatly folded on uncluttered shelves.

4. Consider high-tech additions
If you have the budget for them, high-tech improvements to your master bathroom can really make a difference and make your travertine tile and everything else seem that much better. How about a fog-free mirror or a heated towel rack? Once you try them, you may never want to go back!

5. Invest in more storage space
Whether you choose to increase your closet space, add more shelving, pick up some baskets or get a bigger vanity, more storage is key when you’re making a bathroom feel more tranquil. A cluttered countertop can ruin the effect, so you’ll need a space for everything that keeps your toiletries, medications and linens out of sight. However, feel free to leave out a few of your fancier toiletries to add to the rich, luxurious look you’ve made.

With travertine tile as your base and a few of these other luxurious extras, you’ll soon be wanting to spend a lot more time in your master bath!

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