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A Soho restaurant showcases Euro design

Do you dream of sitting at a Parisian cafe, watching passersby as you sip on a glass of wine? Now, thanks to a new French restaurant in New York's Soho neighborhood, you don't have to cross the pond to have this kind of dining experience. Little Prince offers a menu of classic French cuisine, but these treats may not be the only draw to this eating establishment. The restaurant design, with its open-air feel and European flair, is enough to make guests want stop in and sit down for a meal. 

According to Eater New York, Chef Paul Denamiel opened the eatery the second week of April. This may have been the ideal time of year for the restaurant's debut: Little Prince's lay-out is perfect for warm evening dining. An entire wall of the dining room consists merely of paned glass doors. These open right up to the quaint Soho street the restaurant resides on. Another wall is white-painted brick. Two-top tables are set in lines across the room. A leather banquette provides cushioned seating around the dining area's edges. 

What may be most stunning, design-wise, is the floor. This surface is made up of exquisite tiles. This isn't just your typical black and white tiling job either: These pieces are carefully painted, revealing a beautiful pattern of powder blue flowers coupled with yellow and red stars. With this design, the stonework looks almost antique and it adds to the restaurant's delectably foreign feel.

Attaining the Euro-cafe atmosphere for yourself
Whether you own a restaurant yourself, or you simply want to update your own dining room, you can take on the European feel that Little Prince exhibits through a few easy steps. Decoist suggests utilizing marble surfaces for counters and restaurant-style pendant lighting. For a little panache, the source suggests putting vintage artwork and chalk boards on the walls. 

Like Little Prince, Decoist highlights tile as an apt choice for the floor of the dining area. If you don't want the classic solid colored tiles that restaurants often showcase, you might consider going with something a little more natural. Travertine tile, available in a number of styles and blends, may add an antique vibe to the room with its rustic yet aesthetically pleasing look. Choosing a lighter color, such as ivory, also brightens the room, contributing to the open-air feel of an European eatery. With these tips in mind, as well as Little Prince's design example, your dining area may be reminiscent of a French cafe. 

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