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D.C.’s Capella hotel inspires elegance

D.C.-area residents may want to take note – a luxurious brand new hotel named Capella recently opened in the Georgetown area. The lavish 49-room establishment may serve as inspiration for interior design enthusiasts longing to create a similar aesthetic in their homes.

Perfecting the modern bedroom
Thanks to its wide windows and white walls, Capella uses brightness as a way of making space seem open.

Are you looking to do the same? Try upping the natural light that filters into your rooms. Believe it or not, windows do wonders to liven up an atmosphere: As the days get longer, you might want to take advantage of the sunshine that can fill your space.

Capella also uses wood flooring in its rooms. This gives the space a homey touch, while still maintaining its polished appearance.

If you want to switch up your flooring, you might consider using travertine tile to do so, instead of wood. This gets a natural element in the room that looks polished and refined.

For a modern look, Capella takes a minimalist approach to its interior design. The rooms, depending on the size, have a bed, chair, and desk, but are not otherwise filled.

The bedspreads are white to match the walls. The tables are bare, besides an occasional flower vase. The walls have a few pieces of artwork on them to break up the otherwise blank surfaces. This art, as well as any additional decorative pieces in the room, is modern in style.

Similarly, you can use this style in your design mission. The hotel shows how having less in a room can actually be more pleasing to the eye.

Make the lavatory just as lavish
The elegance of Capella is also present in its bathrooms. If you’re renovating, feel free to make these facilities equally as chic as the rooms. Who doesn’t love a beautiful bathroom? In Capella, larger tiles line the floors while smaller ones climb up the bathroom walls. Capella exhibits darker hues here, in contrast to the rooms, for a more intimate feel.

If you want to replicate this feel, travertine tiles may work well. They are available in a number of colors and are not difficult to install. With this stonework, you can totally transform your bathrooms.

The hotel uses glass on their countertops to complement the bathroom mirrors. Capella’s bathtubs are deep with unique wave-like walls. In general, though, like the bedrooms, the bathrooms stick to the idea of simplicity. Using this minimalist style while renovating will give your home or establishment a modern, tasteful look.

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