Design Ideas, Travertine Tile

Do you know how to decorate in the traditional style?

If you just embarked on a travertine installation project, you’re probably thrilled with the results. After all, travertine tile is timeless, beautiful, durable and easy to maintain. But now that you have a great neutral material to work with in your home, you’ll need to pair it with a decor style that complements it. How about traditional style?

According to Better Homes and Gardens magazine, traditional style is always evolving, but it stays relevant and comfortable despite changing trends. If you’re wondering how to best bring out the beauty of your new travertine tiles with traditional decor, here are a few ways to achieve perfection.

Choose classic furniture

Trendy, modern furniture pieces have no place in a traditionally decorated room. Rather, you should opt for furniture that’s relatively simple, straightforward and classic – like it could fit into any time period.

Chairs, sofas, tables and lamps with classic lines, understated details and matching elements are all safe bets. The most important thing to keep in mind is that everything should look like it goes together – you don’t want an eclectic vibe in a traditional room.

Stay away from crazy colors

While neon green and vibrant blue are certainly interesting, they don’t do traditional design any favors. Instead of choosing whacky colors for your walls or upholstery, stick to neutral shades or saturated colors that aren’t in-your-face bright.

The shades you choose should be sophisticated, and luckily you can get this effect simply by matching the colors you pick with your travertine tile. Whether you chose autumn blend, ivory or gold tiles, you can bet that they’ll complement a variety of other tones that fit the traditional theme.

Opt for tailored window treatments

To add elegant interest to your rooms, you’ll want to find window treatments with simple details that aren’t too wild or delicate. HGTV recommended finding curtains and drapes with gathered pleats, tasseled cords, fringed accents or scalloped edges. This will give any room structure.

Pay attention to your accessories

When it comes to things like mirrors, vases, artwork and light fixtures, HGTV noted that you should look for items that look like they could come from any time period. Still-life paintings, gilded mirrors, warm metallic fixtures and elegant crystal are all good options, and the effect is enhanced when you buy them in pairs.

Ensure that everything is symmetrical

When it comes to furniture placement, symmetry is key in a traditional room. Chairs should be set up in pairs opposite each other, and if you’re setting up cabinets or bookcases, there should be one on either side of the room. Even the items on a mantel should be placed in a way that’s balanced.

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