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How to make a guest bathroom more appealing

While you might have a spa-like master bathroom of your own complete with travertine tile and luxurious accessories, you may not have put the same effort into your guest bathroom. However, if you regularly have family and friends over to visit and stay the night, you may be doing them a disservice.

No one likes being uncomfortable – especially in a bathroom – but your visitors might feel this way if your guest bath isn’t giving them what they need. In order to make your guest bathroom more appealing, there are a few DIY projects you should take on and a couple of purchases you can make to ensure that your guests always have a pleasant stay.

Add travertine tile to the design

If the countertop, floor and backsplash are made with tiles that are old or simply boring, the rest of the room’s design is likely going to fall flat. A good neutral backdrop is essential, and travertine tile can provide just that.

The color and texture of the natural stone tiles will elevate your guest bathroom’s aesthetic and make your visitors feel like they’re living in the lap of luxury. Plus, travertine is extremely durable and easy to care for, so you won’t have to worry much about upkeep.

Increase the room’s privacy

There’s nothing more awkward than a bathroom that doesn’t give users enough privacy, and this is particularly true if you’re using a bathroom in someone else’s home. For this reason, it’s essential to give your family and friends plenty of opportunities for privacy while they’re using your facilities.

Make sure that the windows are covered with curtains and blinds so guests can open or close them at will. You should also install a lock on the door if there isn’t one already – the thought of someone accidentally barging in is enough to ruin any guest’s experience!

Provide the essentials and a few luxuries

You know how hotels always have shampoo and soap for guests to use? Your bathroom should also have these toiletries to make sure that your visitors have what they need to get clean. People forget to pack a lot of things, so it helps to have a few essentials on hand, like toothpaste, hand soap, lotion and maybe even an extra toothbrush.

In addition to items that are necessary, you might want to provide a few little luxuries. Some ladies might use conditioner, while guys may have forgotten their razor. Even upgrading the hand soap to something that smells and feels richer than usual is a nice gesture.

Go with white towels

As Style Chicago pointed out, white is the color of hospitality. That’s likely why hotels and motels always choose white for their linens and towels, and you should too. They look fresh and can be cleaned easily, which is helpful for you. Look for the fluffiest towels possible to make your guests feel pampered after showering or bathing, and be sure to provide multiple towels for their hands, face, body and hair.

With a guest bathroom complete with travertine tile and luxurious, welcoming touches, your visitors will definitely keep coming back with rave reviews!

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