Design Ideas, Travertine Tile

Impress your guests with a well-designed foyer

The foyer is a guest’s introduction to the household, which is why homeowners might utilize this entryway to set a great first impression. Certain design tweaks can make anyone fall in love with  a home instantly.

Making the basic space impressive
If you want to transform this section of your house, the floors are a good place to start. Tiling the floor works to provide a natural loveliness to the space. Travertine tiles, available in a number of blends, will grace the room with depth and variance in color. Additionally, this stonework gives the foyer a refined appearance through its smooth brushed surface.

Making the floors unique adds immediate interest to a home. Whether using travertine tile or another type of stone, you can easily add a natural but distinctive touch to the space with this material.

Make a statement with the little things
The right odds and ends in your foyer will show people that they’ve entered a beautiful, eclectic home. HGTV reveals how everything from the light source to furniture pieces can do this.

A bright entryway is welcoming. This doesn’t necessitate intense, high-wattage overhead lighting. Instead, you might consider a chandelier with many small lights to illuminate the space. These are effective in terms of providing both light and style to the area.

If you don’t already have them, put in a few windows. You can even include one in the doorway itself. Not only will this allow sunshine to flow into your foyer, but it will instill a feeling of openness and hospitality as well.

Decorating a foyer can be a lot of fun. By putting interesting artwork on the walls and a plant in the corner, you can add an element of sophistication  to the entryway. A brightly colored table lined with a miniature clock, a few leather-bound books and family pictures in funky frames might be an instant conversation piece.

Everything from an umbrella stand to a shoe-rack is a design choice. Luckily, whether you decide to shop at a second-hand store or a large furniture outlet, you’ll have a plethora of options.

The foyer may be a place for individuals to slip off their shoes and throw their jackets on the wall, but its real purpose is to receive guests and make them feel at home. By making your entryway both eye-catching and welcoming, you’ll likely succeed in doing so.

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