Design Ideas, Travertine Tile

Modernize your home with black and white

If you’re trying to create a truly modern-looking home, you should consider using travertine tile in your bathroom, kitchen and any other room that you’d like to put tile in. That’s because travertine tiles come in a number of neutral colors, like pearl and ivory, that’ll go great with a black-and-white theme in your home. Decorating with mostly black and white is one of the simplest and classiest ways to create a modern-style home.

However, you may be concerned that decorating with just these two colors will leave your home looking boring – but that doesn’t have to be the case. There are many interesting ways you can work with this color palette that’ll leave your home looking both modern and unique.

Recently, the Miami Herald published an article explaining that while black and white has always been a decorating scheme staple, this year it seemed to be particularly prominent – and it’s easy to see why. The news source spoke to Ron Fiore, creative director for Bernhardt Furniture, who explained that the great feeling you get from the perfect little black dress can be translated into home decor.

“The energizing power of black and white is not confined to apparel,” Fiore told the Miami Herald. “Black-and-white combinations are easy to live with, grounding, and mix with any palette. Stripes are familiar, and to mix a floral pattern with black-and-white stripe is kind of cool.”

Keeping all this in mind, here are some tips for decorating with black and white.

Keep shapes exciting

Better Homes and Gardens magazine explained that one way to make sure that the black and white in your home doesn’t feel stale is to have accessories with interesting shapes. For example, a unique black vase or a white lamp with an exotic shade can be real focal points in a black and white room. Furthermore, you can place black decals on a white wall for a simple way to create inspired black-and-white patterns.

Bring it outdoors

Black and white furniture doesn’t have to stay inside. House Beautiful magazine recommended that you add black-and-white striped furniture to your list of patio design ideas. Most people don’t expect to see these classic colors as part of an outdoor look, which is why it’s a great choice if you want your patio to look unique. You can take an old daybed and reupholster it with striped fabric to create a modern-looking outdoor seating area.

Use it for the bathroom

The bathroom’s one space in your home that you may not think to decorate in a luxurious fashion, but you should. Sticking to bathroom fixtures that are black and white can create a classy feel in your bathroom that you may appreciate when you’re taking a nice long bath with a glass of wine and some smooth jazz playing. Be sure to choose travertine tiles for this room, which will go well with any black or white items you choose to accessorize with perfectly – or any other color accessories, for that matter!

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