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Where should you put travertine tile in your kitchen?

For many families, the kitchen is the center of activity. Plenty of things are done in this room, from preparing meals, to doing homework, to entertaining guests. Because it gets so much use, it’s often one of the first rooms that homeowners decide to renovate and upgrade. If you’re looking into a kitchen redesign, you might want to consider including travertine tile in your plans.

Travertine tiles are popular in kitchens for a number of reasons. First, travertine is one of the most beautiful types of natural stone out there, and it lends a classic air to any design scheme. Second, it’s also extremely durable, meaning it can withstand years of wear and tear without getting damaged if it’s properly sealed. Finally, it’s super versatile, so there are plenty of ways you can use it to your advantage in your kitchen.

So, where should you put travertine tile in your newly renovated kitchen? Consider these ideas.

Travertine tiles are a great choice for kitchen floors because they’re much easier to clean than other materials. When they’re sealed on a regular basis, common kitchen messes like food and water won’t penetrate the tiles and leave marks.

All it takes to keep travertine floors sparkling is a weekly cleaning with a natural stone cleaner, which you can get at your local hardware store. Of course, it’s also important to clean up spills as soon as they happen whenever possible.

You may want to consider adding a few rugs into your kitchen in the most high-traffic areas to make sure that your travertine tiles don’t get scratched. One in front of the sink and one in front of the door may be all you need, and it shouldn’t be difficult to find designs that complement the stone.

Travertine countertops can become the focal point of your kitchen, as your guests will be able to marvel at the designs of the stone right at their fingertips. Travertine tile installation is much more affordable than something like granite slabs, and they’re just as easy to maintain as the floors.

Just make sure that you regularly wipe down your countertops with natural stone cleaner and a soft, dry cloth to keep it in good shape. As with the floors, you’ll also need to seal the stone on a regular basis, which not only protects it, but brings out its naturally gorgeous colors and patterns.

Backsplashes are hugely popular in kitchens these days, and why shouldn’t they be? Kitchens are prone to messes, and it’s much easier to wipe down tiled walls than it is to clean painted walls. Placed behind the sink and stove, backsplashes will protect the walls from water and food stains and act as interesting decorative accents.

You may want to consider matching your countertops to your backsplash for a really cohesive look. Using a different pattern or tiles of various sizes can vary the look and add more interest to your kitchen.

Wherever you choose to place travertine tiles in your kitchen, there’s no doubt you’ll be making a good decision, so use your imagination!

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